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Elderly property owner confronted by three thieves (California)

An elderly Apply Valley, California man definitely got his share of excitement last week.

As he went to check on one of his rental properties last Thursday, he noticed the door had been kicked in and the house vandalized. He also found the vandals had used a crowbar to open a locked case in the house and made off with, as he put it, "lots of guns".

The owner called 911 to report the robbery and, with no way to secure the door, left the house to drop off a list of stolen goods and get some dinner. Upon returning the elderly property owner noticed the door was ajar (every time I hear that word I hear the voice from my old car... "your door is ajar... your door is ajar". Sorry, stream of consciousness writing there). Grabbing his personal firearm the man slowly approached his property.

Inside, he found three young men. What happened next? Let's use his own words:

"One of the guys moved toward me so I put one right by his ear. Another guy came running down the hall so I fired three shots at him."

Two of the thieves dove out windows while the other fled through the open door. Police were unable to account for one of the rounds fired but did not find blood at the scene.

Police believe the men are involved in nearby burglaries on Sunday and on Tuesday as well.