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Car thieves held at gunpoint (Pennsylvania)

Dan Donawitz is the owner of the creatively named Donawitz Auto Parts, a salvage yard in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. Having been robbed numerous times before Dan decided to install a security system and spend more time on the grounds of his salvage yard.

Around 1p.m. on Saturday Dan was sitting in his office when he noticed something strange. As Dan puts it, "I looked at the security cameras and saw two people in my car trying to drive it away, so I went out to stop them".

Yes, Dan saw Cole Sloan and Albert Januszkiewiz (say that five times fast) trying to drive one of the cars off the property. Dan grabbed his revolver and ran outside after the men as they started to drive off. With the gun aimed at them, Sloan and Januszkiweiz stopped the car. Dan kept the revolver pointed at them, told the men to get out of the car and wait until police arrived.

Both men were taken into custody and charges were filed.

"I didn't do anything out of the ordinary," Dan said. "I was just trying to protect my property".