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Deputies say shooting was in self defense (Alabama)

While details are still sporadic and most likely we won't get another media report on the case deputies in Tuscaloosa, Alabama are saying that the shooting around 2:00 in the morning was likely self defense.

What we know:
Late Friday night or early Saturday morning there was a confrontation at a nightclub in Tuscaloosa. The confrontation continued after the parties left the club and came to a head at the Mapco station on Oscar Baxter Drive.

A 26-year-old man remains in critical condition after being shot by a 23-year-old. The shooter was questioned and released by authorities. Lieutenant Kipp Hart has said there is every reason to believe the shooter acted in self defense.

Terek Jerome Herron-Antone, Deantwan Lamont Robinson, and Cordell Shepherd were arrested on multiple charges in connection with the confrontation and shooting.

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