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Beaten and tied up, store owner gets free and fires back (Arkansas)

Dexter Mitchell, the 27-year-old owner of Urban Swagg in Little Rock, Arkansas says nothing was out of the ordinary when three came into the store late Saturday afternoon. And then one of the men pulled a gun and put it in Dexter's face.

Dexter pushed the gun out of his face and that's when the men attacked, beating him over the head with fists and the butt of the pistol. They tied up Dexter and his 25-year-old girlfriend.

The criminals then started ransacking the store and getting into the register. All told, the criminals managed to get some tickets to a concert that had already happened and about $200 - great haul, genuises.

It appears the men never took part in the Boy Scouts because Dexter got his hands free from the bindings and drew his Colt .38 and chased the men out of the store. The criminals and Dexter exchanged gunfire as the men fled to their truck and took off.

It is unknown if any of the robbers were wounded at this time.