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Cab driver hands over money, robber shoots him anyway (Florida)

I saw this story and wanted to post it just for Sleww, who believes you should comply with criminals because they just want money and will not hurt you.

Annuel Delicieux is a cab driver in Tampa, Florida who lives a simple life. Around 3a.m. this morning Annuel was dropping off a passenger from his cab - just doing his job.

That's when a criminal with a shotgun stepped out from the dark to rob Annuel. Annuel did what the robber demanded and threw his cash out the window. We've heard from a lot of people that giving in to the criminals demand is the best way to go. Not for Annuel.

Despite having the money, the criminal fired with the shotgun, seriously wounding Annuel. Annuel tried to drive away.

A nearby patrol officer heard the shot and was driving towards the gunfire. As he came to the intersection the officers car was hit by Annuel's car.

The criminal got away.

I think this cab driver would say that it is better to defend yourself than hope a criminal doesn't hurt you. And I have to think Annuel believes that too now.