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Baptist pastor holds man at bay with pistol (Utah)

Robert Brooks is a pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Orem, Utah. Robert, his wife, and his children live in a basement apartment at the church.

Late Friday night, Robert and his family heard the sound of someone pounding on the door to the Church. Grabbing his handgun, Robert went to investigate. Recognizing that man was drunk, Robert announced he was arm and turned the laser sights on the man.

Both men stood there until authorities arrived and arrested the drunk man.

Robert, a former law enforcement professional has said he would enjoy the chance to minister to the suspect and the man is welcome in the church any time.

I'm assuming he means during regular hours.

That's what a Pastor, Minister, Priest, or Rabbi should be all about - helping and caring for people who reach out for it.

Posts: News / Baptist pastor holds man at bay with pistol (Utah)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/20/12 11:30 AM

he come looking for god and found peace or a piece
Posted By: Michael
12/20/12 11:35 AM

Posted By: Jason
12/20/12 03:21 PM

Almost made me laugh as hard as the panty raid gone bad comment. That one tore me up.