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Reporters ridicule the NRA; Don't realize mic is on (VIDEO)

I know this will be shocking to everyone on this site but it seems... there's a liberal bias in the media.

I know, I know - it seems so unlikely. I mean, journalists are beacons of integrity and impartiality. They report the news in full and let the viewer or reader make their own decisions based on all the information. Okay, even I can't type any more of that crap without ralphing.

In the latest example of just how ingrained the liberal media bias is, a group of reporters at a State Department press conference apparently didn't realize the mic in the room was live as they made fun of the NRA and sang the praises of Code Pink.

One of the reporters says of the Newtown tragedy,"They (NRA) basically said it's everybody's fault but ours" while making light of the NRA's calls for increased security and police presence on school campuses. He also seems upset that there is no mention of anything about so-called "assault weapons".

A female reporter jumps in and mockingly repeats the old saying, "the solution to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns" and then praises how the Code Pink protesters did a really good job - even going into detail about how well they held the signs up to block Wayne LaPierre's head from the camera for part of the press conference.

That reporters go on to have a laugh at the expense of NRA security staff for having the event interrupted (more of that same gun control logic - the interruption was caused by bad security not by the Code Pink protesters creating the distraction). The group continues to compare the security people to the WWF and suggests that NRA security hit Code Pink's Medea Benjamin with a chair after they dragged her from the room (doubtful, but not something all would oppose).

If you were on the fence about a media bias... umm... why? For those of you who know it's there and are tired of people doubting it, this is very compelling video.

Then you have to ask yourself why these same people are bashing the NRA's proposal yet cheered for the same exact ideas when President Clinton proposed them in 2000