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Actions have consequences - 3 teens shot after waving empty gun (Texas)

Three San Antonio, Texas teenagers decided to go out for a joyride and have a little fun. Did they moon people? Nope, too passe. Did they use water balloons? Nah, too much work. How about that old classic of mailbox baseball? Lame.

No, these rocket scientists decided to drive around pointing an unloaded gun at random strangers. In Texas.

It worked out about as well as you expect it would. The three teens pointed their unloaded handgun and a man they were pointing it at felt understandably threatened. That man drew his loaded handgun and opened fire. I'm not an expert on ballistics but I'm fairly certain that the loaded gun is going to win that shootout.

All three teenagers in the car were wounded. One of the teens made it out of the car and back to his house where he called authorities. All three teens were transported to the hospital and one of them is in critical condition.

Actions have consequences and being stupid can have severe consequences. I think John Wayne put it best: