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"A multitude of gunfire" as couple defends infant from home invaders (Nevada)

Christmas Eve got real scary, real early for a Las Vegas, Nevada couple and their infant. At 10:10 a.m. Las Vegas Metro police received multiple calls of shots fired from the Ventana Apartment Homes on the Northern side of the city.

When police arrived on the scene they found one man with gunshot wounds on the scene. That man was transferred to University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Police also impounded an Infiniti G35 that was left on the scene by the suspect.

The story that came to light through the police investigation is one of sheer terror. Just before those 911 calls came in, there was a simple knock at the door - as we've seen all too often in these stories. As the woman of the house opened the door four armed intruders barged through the door attacking the woman.

What happens next is still not completely clear. What is clear is that the couple, defending their newborn fought back. At some point, the so called "victims" opened fire with firearms. Neighbors reported hearing the gunfight start inside the house and then continue outside the house. As Las Vegas Metro PD Lieutenant Ray Steiber explained, "There was a multitude of gunfire. We believe some occurred in the residence and then it carried out into the parking lot".

The wounded intruder was abandoned by his three accomplices - two black males and a black female. Police are actively searching for the three and believe the impounded Infiniti belongs to one of them.

The man and woman were taken to the hospital for treatment related to the melee. Authorities have disclosed that the infant was not wounded and neither parent suffered from gunshot wounds.

This is one of those nightmare scenarios that is becoming all to common. Right now we are being bombarded by messages about, as the press calls them, "high-capacity clips" and how they have no use for the average American.

I have no problem wanting more than 10+1 rounds to defend my family if four people come through the door. How about you?