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Man who shot robber in Norfolk won't face charges

Commonwealth's Attorney Greg Underwood sent police Chief Mike Goldsmith a letter Nov. 30 saying he would not bring charges in the death of Kendrick Scoggins, 38

What sucks about this is for one they would even think of charging him when he was defending himself and two it took them April 12 to November 30 to figure it out. They need to make some changes, to leave a man hanging that long should be a crime in it self

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Posts: News / Man who shot robber in Norfolk won't face charges

Posted By: JBeechel
12/25/12 10:44 PM

From the article: "A man who fatally shot a robber was justified"

You think?

So the guy was held up at gunpoint, shot, and then shot and killed the robber to defend himself - that's the facts as the article states it.

Ho. Lee. Hell... This happened back on April 12th and the victim of the robbery spend 8 months wondering if he was going to have to defend himself on murder charges. There's no way it should take that long to clear someone. Especially after they've been shot by a damned criminal. How was this even a consideration?
Posted By: barstoolguru
12/25/12 11:29 PM

I sit here and wonder why it takes so long to clear him. Was every one on vacation at the same time? In state like Texas and Florida it hakes 2-3 months