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Old guys shoot better. 61-year-old kills armed robber (Kentucky)

61-year-old Ricky Sweet of Knott County, Kentucky had his Christmas evening interrupted when two men came to his property saying they had run out of gas. Ricky went to the storage building on his property to get the men a can of gasoline.

When Ricky returned the two men pulled out a gun and tried to rob him. Ricky drew his handgun from his pocket and a gunfight broke out. As Kentucky State Police from the Hazard, Kentucky office pieced the story together it turns out that Ricky was wounded multiple times yet did manage to get a shot in on the armed attacker, now identified as Aaron Pratt.

Ricky was transported to Hazard ARH to treat the multiple gunshot wounds and was later transferred to the University of Kentucky Hospital.

Pratt was pronounced dead on the scene.

As one of my mentors (and soon to be contributor to the site) once told me - if you're in a gunfight and you can feel pain, keep fighting back because you'll probably survive.

Ricky did just that and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Now, I don't know if you saw it, but this happened in the area of Hazard, Kentucky. If you're in our age range (early-ish to late 30's) there's no way you can hear of a place named Hazard and not have a childhood flashback. So, just because you're already thinking it:

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Posted By: Jayson
12/28/12 12:44 AM