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Shots fired as homeowner finds four burglars in house (Tennessee)

Ryan Sisk came home to his Adamsville, Tennessee home just in time to find four burglars inside of his home.

As Ryan entered the home he found Steven Hicks, his wife Sharon Hicks, Jonathan Beckham, and Joe Little breaking into his safe. The thieves took several loaded guns and jewelry from the safe. Included in the stolen items were irreplaceable pictures and jewelry including wedding bands.

Ryan drew his own gun and chased the criminals outside and watched them jump into a waiting truck. As Ryan puts it, "I looked down my sites at that person I could have shot that person, but I chose not to, I shot the car". One of those shots found it's mark according to McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck, "They were able to drive a mile from there on a flat tire, where they ran the vehicle up into the woods".

The couple then fled into the woods and evaded police on foot for several hours through the rain, the cold, and the thick brush. Hicks and his wife finally came out of the woods and asked for help at the home of Donald Finley. What they didn't know yet was that Donald Finley is Ryan Sisk's uncle.

The couple gave a story saying they were driving with friend when the friends just kicked them out of the car in the cold and rain. Finley let them in, and made sure the pair saw that he was armed as he did so. As Finley and his wife, Sherry, spent more time with the Hicks's their story became less believable and Sherry began to worry.

As Sherry puts it, "If my husband didn't have the gun, I think they would have held us both because they knew the cops were coming. The more they talked about their story, the more I got suspicious. I'm thinking to myself, 'How is this going to end and we've got to get them out of our house because I think something is wrong?'"

Police received an anonymous tip and came to the Finley household where the two were arrested. Beckham and Little are still at large and police are looking for any information on there whereabouts.