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Naked man caught choking dog, shot by homeowner (Florida)

Really? Really? The funny part is that we read the headline and just knew it was here in South Florida.

So around 5a.m. a Miami family was woken from sleep by the sounds of a ruckus and their dog barking loudly. The homeowner grabbed his gun to see what was going on and came across a man fighting with his pet Rottweiler and choking him.

Naked. Yup... Miami.

I know people say to train for every scenario... has anyone here practiced for this one?

Miami Police Detective Willie Moreno said, "He comes out and spots a person who is not only fighting with this dog but is naked fighting with this dog". The homeowner fired two shots, striking the man in the leg once. He then held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. Authorities arrived and took the man to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Oh, just to add to the fun of the story, the naked man tried biting the homeowner, the police, and the hospital workers. Yup... Miami.

More from Detective Moreno:
"For right now it does appear to be a justified shooting. This individual was acting irrational, fighting with the dog, and not only that, but at the point that the homeowner attempted to get this individual's attention, he immediately jumped onto the owner and started fighting with him."

Happy New Year everyone!

Posts: News / Naked man caught choking dog, shot by homeowner (Florida)

Posted By: Michael
01/02/13 04:19 PM

You can't hardly blame him. Statistics show that The Naked Man works 1 in 3 times.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/02/13 04:51 PM

that’s them "bath salts", he will be out in a couple of hours to terrorize someone else
Posted By: Jayson
01/02/13 08:32 PM

Choking the dog? Is that some sort of new euphemism I'm to old to know about?

Damn, I love South Florida