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Father shoots, kills deranged would-be intruder (Arizona)

A Phoenix, Arizona family's little yap yap dogs acted as a perfect early warning system yesterday. Around 2a.m. the family's car alarm started going off and then the yap yap dogs started barking like crazy.

The father in the house armed himself and went outside to investigate. He found a man trying to open the bedroom to his children's room. The father ordered the man to stop and the man ignored him. The would-be intruder then reached into his pocket. The father thought he was reaching for a gun and opened fire striking the man.

The wounded man made it to the street before collapsing and dying on the scene.

As the investigation unfolded in the wee hours of the morning it became clear that the would-be intruder was looking for a victim. According to a neighbor:

"I went outside to see what was going on and the guy was standing by my garage, acting all kind of crazy... talking to himself, acting really weird. And then he went over to my neighbor's house, another neighbor's house acting the same way, all kinds of crazy. And went over to the final house... was actually up by their front door and their windows and the neighbor's dog started going kind of crazy and he was either barking at him or yelling at him or something."

Parting words from a neighbor that all sheepdogs already know:
"He wasn't just protecting them, he was protecting us too"

The homeowner gave the guy 2-3 warnings not to try and break in but he still chose to do it. What choice did the man have, with two kids in the room he was trying to enter? Once he reached in his pants for what might be a weapon the homeowner had no choice.

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Posts: News / Father shoots, kills deranged would-be intruder (Arizona)

Posted By: Jason
01/03/13 12:03 PM

You beat me to it!

Thanks BSG!

Posted By: Jason
01/04/13 06:15 PM

Shocking. The guy trying to break in had a history of prior break in and thefts.