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Newspaper That Printed Gun Owner Names Hires Armed Guards (NY state)
They are getting what they reaped; the paper that printed all the names of the gun owners in their counties has hit a nerve. After hate mail and evidently a threat even though the police don’t see it as such the paper has hired…. Armed guards…. Yes, armed guards because of the back lash. I for one see no good for this but just out of spite and I hope all the people that scribe drop their subscriptions and hit these people in their wallets.

A request for more information on other gun owners has been denied. The clerk stating that he could not give the information out. Sounds like the office of public records took a beating to or did they get their name published too? I am sure there are a lot of angry voters out there and are making their voices heard for what many see as a blatant attack on the rights of hard working people for no real reason

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Posts: News / Newspaper That Printed Gun Owner Names Hires Armed Guards (NY state)

Posted By: Michael
01/03/13 02:46 PM

I dont see the problem. Hitler had armed guards too.
Posted By: Jason
01/03/13 03:24 PM

And he was an advocate of gun registration prior to gun bans.

Just saying...