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How anti-gun is Illinois? Cops asked to leave their guns outside!!!

Well maybe I am wrong about a bill being passed to ban all guns from the state of Illinois; after all the police can't even eat at Denny’s without getting harassed.

After several plain clothes detectives were asked to leave their guns outside they chose to leave without paying for their food. Even though they were wearing their badges in plain sight along with their guns when a patron complained to the management.

The management then approached the officers and informs them that their guns are not allowed in the restaurant and asked them to take them out. The officer chose to leave instead and went back to the station house where they evidently told the police chief.

The chief they made a ruling that no on-duty cops are allowed to eat at Denny’s. is it me or did Denny's in Belleville, Ill open the door to criminals by saying "NO COPS HERE", I bet that don’t happen at doughnut palace…lol

here is another link to the story:
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Posts: News / How anti-gun is Illinois? Cops asked to leave their guns outside!!!

Posted By: Michael
01/03/13 03:10 PM

Illinois reminds me of the plot to major league...where she was setting them up to fail so she could sell the team. Is someone trying to sell illinois to canada or something?
Posted By: Tisiphone
01/03/13 03:23 PM

Er, on behalf of my state... sorry.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/03/13 04:00 PM

Really, after reading this article I take back everything I said about them not being able to pass a no gun bill.
Posted By: Jayson
01/03/13 09:51 PM

I wonder who they'll call if there is a robbery. Will the police have to wait outside?
Posted By: JBeechel
01/03/13 10:13 PM