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Man Calls Mom After Attempted Robbery, Asks For Ride Home (Florida)

"When your mother said you should call her more, this wasn't what she meant."

When Zack Howard went into the convenience store he wasn't looking to quench his thirst he was there to hold the place up. He approached the clerk and told him he had a gun and demanded cash but to his surprise the register was empty. Defeated by an empty cash register and no car he did what any thug would do... called his mom for a ride home

He told the authorities he wasn't intending to hold the store up but on his way there is seem to be a good idea. Not only was it a bad idea but he’s lucky he didn't get shot telling the store clerk he had a gun when he didn't.

Is this one of those school kids that points a finger at someone and goes "bang" all grown up that the school system is so quick to suspend?

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old enough to know better but too young to resist