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Don't criminals know guns are banned there? (Illinois)

Dustin Brock says the whole incident happened very fast and he has no idea why he was targeted although the bullet holes in his kitchen door, floor, and walls remind him it's all real.

What happened?

Two armed men invaded Brocks home in Galva, Illinois through a kitchen door. Brock engaged the men and a scuffle broke out. During the scuffle Brock was shot in the chest with a .410 shotgun shell and shot in the hand with a large caliber handgun round.

Brock got to his gun and fired back.

One of the intruders Otha T. Anderson Jr., was struck in the chest and the leg. He was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment.

There's still a large red area in the snow in front of Brocks house where the second intruder fell with a gunshot wound in his leg. He lay there until police arrived and arrested him as well.

And that's all the press has to say about that.

Posts: News / Don't criminals know guns are banned there? (Illinois)

Posted By: Jayson
01/06/13 09:19 PM

Guess none of them has been following the news on easybake. If they had they would have known Illinois was banning guns. Then none of this would have happened right?
Posted By: Tisiphone
01/07/13 01:06 PM

Just an update, the ISRA and gun owners in Illinois were able to fight back the legislation in the Illinois House and Senate. Thanks to everybody out of state who helped inundate them with calls!