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Neighborhood Watch level: Awesome (Florida)

"Everybody needs to come together and watch. I know several houses on this block got hit"

That's what Carole Steiner said about her small community in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Carole and her husband Randy Stenier's house was burglarized the week before Christmas. Over the past few weeks three other homes have been robbed in the area.

On January 2nd, thieves targeted they neighborhood again.

Randy wasn't going to let his neighborhood be a target this time. "Randy looked out the window and saw what direction the dogs were going so he grabbed his gun and went out to where the dogs were at. There were two young men in the woods," Carole told reporters.

Randy held 18-year old Edward Chamberlain and his 14-year old accomplice at gunpoint until the Lee County deputies could arrive on the scene.

What did the owner of the home Chamberlain and his accomplice were trying to break into have to say about Randy's actions?

"It was awesome"

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Posts: News / Neighborhood Watch level: Awesome (Florida)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 02:20 PM

save everyone the dime and shoot the little bastards
Posted By: Michael
01/08/13 02:27 PM

Is that a joke? Id hate to think that if my 14 year old kid was doing something stupid like breaking into houses that people felt it was open season on him.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 03:27 PM

To you it’s a 14 yo doing something stupid but to the home owner that they violating it’s a different story. Play stupid games win stupid prizes; they risk the chance. I have been broke into twice and both times they take more than material items they rob you of your security, every time you leave your house you wonder if you are going to come back and find someone destroyed YOUR HOME. They didn't work hard for the things they steal and just because you have insurance they don't cover everything and you still lose. Should we card them first before protecting our hard earned goods? What if your 14 YO stole guns and the next house he robs shoots the owner; should we wait for that to happen before we apply force?

to your question if he is breaking into houses he gets what every happens and by law we have the right so I would teach him well or get a funeral plan because that life can be a short one. That 14 YO will be out on the street in hours and maybe the next house he steals from might be yours; how you going to feel then

Listen to what the lady says; she doesn’t feel safe. She was robbed of an item you can’t buy

Doing something stupid is a onetime thing but when it is done over and over without remorse then it' a life style


Posted By: Jayson
01/08/13 04:24 PM

I know I did things at 14 without thinking. Some of which landed me in (very minor) trouble with the police. That does not mean that it was a lifestyle, I got caught and reprimanded and it has never happened again.
Posted By: Jayson
01/08/13 04:24 PM

There is a difference in catching someone stealing and holding them at gun point and being attacked and defending yourself. I am angered as much as the next person over crime but we walk a dangerous line when deadly force becomes the norm for any criminal activity. Where does that line get drawn? Burglary? DUI? Speeding? Jaywalking? It is our responsibility as gun owners to respond appropriately or we are just proving gun control advocates right when they make us out to be nut job vigilantes.
Posted By: Michael
01/08/13 05:17 PM

I agree BSG...the kids deserve what they get...but i think its a better happy ending that they didnt get shot. id like to think a 14 year olds life is recoverable.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 05:34 PM

Then let’s do it like some foreign countries do; cut of their hand(s)!!! We are not talking about minor trouble here because if so then you can't use a gun to hold them until police show up.

let me tell you about a story about the man across the street; here a couple of month ago they got robbed and no one was caught. After he replaced everything and fixed the damage of them ransacking their house breaking things they didn't want including family air looms and things that were irreplaceable they came back and did it again a month later. The way some people talk they have never been on the losing end of a crime

Sorry but these are not shootable crimes.....DUI? Speeding? Jaywalking... we draw the line where you think is right and hope your peers see it your way. Two people breaking into houses, you'll be hard pressed to find a jury to convict the person that shoots them

I had my truck broke into last year and all they too was a pair of glasses and some change. The insurance cover some of the damage but I ate a $1000 of the repairs and the time before that they stole my hard shell truck top and running boards, tools and work equipment; that cost me $3500 after insurance so don’t be looking this way for anything but a divine justice because the system won’t do it.
What sucks is the cop will stand there and tell you they (robbers) will be back as they walk off