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This is not an assault rifle, it's a deer rifle (Tennessee)

In another example of just how under-reported Defensive Gun Uses are, this story from December 19th. And the local news covered it last night.

A Tipton County, Tennessee man came home from hunting to find a strangers car parked in his front yard. He then noticed that the storm window was pulled out like it was on a hinge.

A woman then tried to sneak from a bush to the strange car. Homeowner Alfred Wilson went to his car and grabbed his rifle. As he told reporters:

"This is a deer rifle. It's not an assault rifle, it's a deer rifle"

Alfred held the woman at gunpoint until police arrived. "All I wanted to do was stop the lady," he said. "I didn’t want to be the judge, jury, and executioner so to speak right here."

Inside the car police found four of Alfreds guns, a crossbow, a television, jewelry, and telephones.

The woman then proved that some parents just aren't good people as she told police and Alfred that she was just the driver and her 17-year-old son was the thief. Class act all the way.

So what does Alfred think about how that day could have gone:

"If I hadn’t had a gun that day with me would have lost everything I had she would have been scott-free."

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