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Tough guy with a gun gets shot by CCW holder (Missouri)

Late last night on the 4800 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis, Missouri a 48-year old man was playing neighborhood tough guy by waving around a gun and generally being a dick.

Most of the bully's actions were directed at one groups of people and he continued to antagonize the group. One of the men in the group, a licensed concealed carrier, got tired of the bully and drew his own handgun. The single shot that was fired hit the tough guy / bully in the arm.

He did what all bully's do when you refuse to back down? He ran.

The wounded bully ended up calling police to report that he had been shot - and to press charges against the man who shot him. That worked out so well that the bully was arrested before being taken to the hospital for treatment.

Score one more for the good guys.

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