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I hit him. I knew I did. I meant to. Homeowner shoots burglar (Georgia)

George McRae started carrying a pistol after coming home to find his Decatur, Georgia home burglarized just two weeks ago.

George arrived home yesterday to find a man with a shotgun climbing out of his house from a broken window. McRae drew his .38 Derringer and took aim at the criminal. "I come into the gate. I come here and stop and he was coming out the window with a shotgun in his hand," McRae said "I had my pistol in my pocket and I said, 'Put that gun down'".

The suspect went back inside where McRae held him at gunpoint and ordered him to put down the shotgun. The burglar complied and McRae picked up the familiar shotgun - it was his after all, the thief was in the process of stealing it from him. As George tells it, he called 911 and then:

"I throwed the shotgun on him, I said 'come on back in here, the police is gonna get you, I'm gonna turn you over to the police'. That's when he charged me and that's when I BAM!"

"I hit him. I knew I did. I meant to."

The single shotgun blast struck the burglar in the chest. Authorities arrived and transported the man to the local hospital where is is in critical condition. If he survives he will be placed under arrest.

Posts: News / I hit him. I knew I did. I meant to. Homeowner shoots burglar (Georgia)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/11/13 11:33 AM

Sir, "how could you tell you hit him".... "Because his chest looked like a pound of raw hamburger"