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Everything wrong with gun grabber logic in one article

Holy mother of a goat dipped in shit no one is this retarded.

That was what I thought of the writer when I read "Loganville woman jumped to the gun" (link above).

Cliff notes version: The author believes that the Georgia woman who hid in a crawlspace before confronting an intruder is partially to blame for instigating the shooting.

I know, I know... you don't believe me, but look:

The guy shows up knocking at the door, ostensibly to sell them some encyclopedias or crowbars or something. No answer. So he rings the doorbell a bunch of times, and instead of answering the door or somehow asking him what he wants, they hide and call the cops!

Now that he’s satisfied that no one is home, he begins liberating the family’s belongings in the name of the proletariat. Like any good burglar, he’s thorough, working through every room in the house until he eventually reaches the attic.

He opens the door, and suddenly a relatively harmless cat burglary becomes a violent home invasion.

...C’mon, you gotta at least open a window and ask the dude what he wants!

I don't know what could possibly lead someone to have this attitude that the good burglar was just looking to "liberate" someone's belongings and that it's okay for them to do so. Whatever the *&@$ his plans were he targeted this family and entered a home illegally.

This liberal coddling of criminals as if they are just making bad decisions is mind blowing. These are bad people, not just bad decisions.

And as grandpa always said, "You make the decisions, life makes the consequences".

Again, this woman and others like her are heroes who defended themselves and their property from bad people. Anyone who would fault them for doing so is simply... a moron.

Posts: News / Everything wrong with gun grabber logic in one article

Posted By: Michael
01/15/13 11:29 AM

LOL. Thats so ridiculous, i have to believe that the author is kidding.
Posted By: Jason
01/15/13 11:55 AM

Everyone says that but I disagree after looking through the website.

He's an English major at UF (shut up Jayson). That's just how some people see the world.

Posted By: Michael
01/15/13 12:13 PM

from how its written i believe they are serious, but the can
Posted By: Jason
01/15/13 12:59 PM

English major.

Need I say more?
Posted By: Jayson
01/15/13 09:25 PM

An English Major at UF. I'm just impressed he spelled everything right.