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Man shoots neighbors dog to defend family (Texas)

"I don't blame him. I mean it's upsetting but he did what he had to. If it was me and a dog was trying to attack my family I would do the same exact thing," said the owner of the dog that was shot in El Paso, Texas.

The story behind that quote is that the man's dog, a pit bull, jumped the fence between his yard and his neighbors yard to attack the neighbors chihuahua. As the pit bull started attacking the chihuahua's owner started swatting at it with a broom to get it to stop, the dog continued his attack and seemed to be eating the chihuahua.

Once the pit bull stopped attacking the chichuahua it turned towards a grandmother living at the house. Thinking his family was in danger, the chihuahua's owner drew his gun and fired once, stopping the pit bull.

The dog had surgery at the animal hospital and is already starting to walk around.