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Robber shot at Stinky's Scrap Metal (Texas)

Stinky's Scrap Metal

I just wanted to put that out there because I love the name.

At 3:30 yesterday (January 15th) morning, the Grayson County, Texas Sheriff's Department received a call that an intruder had been shoot at Stinky's.

Stinky's has been broken into repeatedly in the past so they have employees stop by sporadically through the night. Last night an employee came across two men trying to steal scrap metal.

The employee confronted the intruders and ended up shooting one of them in the leg. The second robber fled as quickly as he could. although the nearby Sherman Police brought canine units, the man escaped the scene.

Question: Who the hell still thinks it is a good idea to rob junk yards in Texas?

Posts: News / Robber shot at Stinky's Scrap Metal (Texas)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/16/13 05:11 PM

I guess pigpen (Charlie brown) grew up and became a man