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Robbers come in shooting, clerk shoots back (Florida)

Hasib Kuric is a refugee from war-torn Bosnia who calls a U-haul trailer behind a gas station home these days. Occasionally, he helps out around the gas station. Last night, Hasib saw two armed men putting on masks and asked what they were doing. He told the men he was security on the property and went inside to warn the clerk, Leonard Carr.

Hasib knew Leonard was a father of four and wanted to warn him before the men attacked.

"I just entered inside and told Leo to close the door, call the police," said Hasib. "He saw me surprised and then he pushed the (alarm) button automatically. While he was pushing the button, the guy was already in the door."

The two armed men opened fire as they entered the store. One of them took "aim" at Hasib and said, "You'll never do this again" before firing multiple times. Hasib dove into an aisle to take cover and the store clerk returned fire, striking one of the attackers.

"I don’t see who was shooting who but he started screaming. I come out from the islands and I see him lying down," Hasib said. The man Hasib said was lying down, 23-year-old Cory Miller of Dania Beach, was fatally wounded in the shootout.

The second gunman, Joshua Stuart, fled the gas station and sped away in a white Chevrolet just before police arrived. Leonard gave police a description of the car and they were able to track him down.

Stuart is charged with two counts of second-degree attempted felony murder, second-degree murder and armed occupied burglary.

No charges will be filed against Leonard or Hasib.