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Everyday Heroes: Security guard stops crime spree (Texas)

Bent on getting some cash 29 year old Johnny Reyes went on a robbing spree that started at the Leaping Lizard bar. When the manager refused to cooperate, Reyes shot him in the neck. The music was so load that no one heard the shot.and Reyes left.

With no luck so far Reyes moved down the street to the next mark, the St. Anthony hotel where he approached the clerk. There wasn't enough money from that crims so Reyes took his one-man crime spree to yet another place of business a half hour later.

Reyes’s luck ran out as he was confronted by a security guard at the popular Pico de Gallo restaurant just to the west of the popular downtown area known as the Riverwalk. While attempting to shoot at the guard, Reyes's gun malfunctioned giving the guard time to return fire, striking Reyes.

Authorities were called and Reyes was placed under arrest before being transported to the hospital.
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Posts: News / Everyday Heroes: Security guard stops crime spree (Texas)

Posted By: Jason
01/23/13 10:30 AM

Nothing beat the news showing a picture of Obama while the anchorwoman says, "A string of violent crimes sends to men to the hospital overnight".

Made my day.