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Armed homeowner draws firearm on one burglar, then another (Ohio)

Friday afternoon (January 18th) a Bellefontaine, Ohio man came home shorty after 1p.m. and encountered a man wearing a mask and gloves.

The homeowner is a concealed carrier so he drew his weapon and ordered the man to the floor. While the masked man was prone, the homeowner called police. Deputy Todd Dixon arrived on the scene and began handcuffing the intruder.

While Deputy Dixon finished up with the suspect, now identified as Jason T. Overholt, the homeowner went upstairs. Once upstairs, the homeowner encountered a second intruder wearing a mask and gloves. Yet again the homeowner drew his weapon and ordered the man to the ground.

At least this time he only had to yell down for Deputy Dixon to come arrest the second criminal, identified as Matthew D. Cheadle.

It just goes to show you really never know a place is secured until you've secured it.