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Crime wave duo stopped when one gets shot (Indiana)

Devonte Hamlet and his as yet at-large accomplice were quite the little crime wave. They had the M.O. to break into an occupied house (home invasion style), force the people onto the floor, secure their hands and rob the house in front of them.

On January 10th, Hamlet and his partner in crime were putting in a days work in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At 10:12 that night the duo followed a woman home, held her at gunpoint to let them into the home, tied everyone up - including a toddler, and proceeded to steal a TV, wallets, and jewelry. Not a bad haul.

Around 11:30 these menaces were trying it again. They broke into a home, held everyone at gunpoint and did the usual. One problem... one of the men got his hands free.

With his hands free he grabbed a gun and opened fire at the robbers, forcing them to run for their lives.

The criminals got away but Hamlet showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound.

These are exactly the kind of guys it's good to have off the street. As BSG would say, too bad he missed the other one.

Posts: News / Crime wave duo stopped when one gets shot (Indiana)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/23/13 05:55 PM

LMFAO..... Pain is a great teacher. I love a good shooting story.... please tell me another

Someone else might find sympathy for this punk but don't look my way