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Everyday Heroes: 14-Year-Old Boy Protects Rape Victim With Hunting Knife (Michigan)

When I read this story I don't think and man could have been prouder of this kid. What this 14 year old boy did was nothing short of heroism. We hear stories of people helping out but rarely like this.

Eric L. Ramsey, 30, of Mount Pleasant, was just let out of jail and living with his mother when he decided to abduct a senior college student at Michigan state university. He approached her with a gun and forced her to drive to his mother’s house where he raped her but somewhere in the process she got loose and made it to the home of James Persyn, a 14 year old watching his siblings. After hearing a knock on the door and a cry for help he retrieved a hunting knife and opened the door just to see a woman crying for help. He let her in and she said there was a man trying to get her.

The younger sister looked out the window just to see a strange truck pulling in the driveway. He rounded up the kids, dog and the woman and headed for the bathroom. Everyone in the bathroom he turned out the lights thinking if the man got in he might pass them up seeing it was dark.

Ramsey tried to get in but the door being locked he decided to burn the trailer down with everyone in it. The father came home just in time to get the kids out. He tried to put the fire out but couldn’t and then focused his attention on getting the kids out. Just them the cops show up with guns drawn. He manages to convince them he was the dad. The kids seeing the cop cars came out. With the help of the authorities they manage to get the fire out.

Ramsey on the run the police put out a manhunt for him and as the closed in on him he updates his FB status as Before he was shot and killed: “Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace.”. I guess he didn't have a twitter account to update before eating lead

Meanwhile, though 14-year-old James Persyn’s classmates are calling him a “hero,” his father wants to keep young James grounded. “We never put the word ‘hero’ out there,” James Jr. said. “We just kept saying, ‘We’re proud of you.’” As he should be. There is a man that every right be proud of his son for fast thinking and courage under stress .

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Posts: News / Everyday Heroes: 14-Year-Old Boy Protects Rape Victim With Hunting Knife (Michigan)

Posted By: Jason
01/24/13 11:13 PM

I saw the headline of this one when it was "Well folks I'm about to get shot" but never read further. I wish I had.

Great find and a great writeup BSG!