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Disabled veteran scares off intruder with 9mm (Georgia)

Mark Sikes is a 53-year-old veteran of the United States Army. Mark is also partially paralyzed and wheelchair bound. On Wednesday night someone decided that made him an easy target. They were wrong.

"All of a sudden the loudest bang. I knew something was wrong and that wasn't normal," Mark told reporters.

That "loudest bang" was an intruder kicking in the front door.

"I sat up on the edge of the bed and the next thing I knew a man was standing in the hallway of my bedroom door," Mark said. Pulling his 9mm handgun from his nightstand, might aimed at the intruder and told the intruder he "better get the hell out".

He did.

Does Mark have any thoughts for the criminal?

"If I could talk to him, I'd like to say, 'find something else to do and quit trying to rob what little people's got, 'cause you came real close to losing your life for no good reason," he said.

Its bad enough that this man is in a wheel chair but to have someone invade you home really ices the cake.

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