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Gutsy granny shoots at robber after attack on a bus (Michigan)

Ramona Taylor Kamate rides the bus every day and has seen the same people every day as well as new faces. Yet when a young man tried to rob her on the bus, no one - not even the ones she seen every day - helped her. So she took matters into her own hands.

Ramona was on the Southfield, Michigan bus when a young man said to her "you smell good; you must have money" and grabbed her book bag. Ramona grabbed it back and the two began to struggle over the bag.

He said, 'Give me my bag auntie.' I said, 'I am not your auntie, boy, and this is not your bag.' So he hit me. So when he hit me, we started fighting," she explained. When she asked other bus riders, mostly men, for help, one of them told her, "You by yourself, b*tch!"

Ramona continued, "He grabbed my book bag and I grabbed it back and we started tussling, I bit him on his left hand. When he struck me in my head we started fighting. It's sad you have all those men on the bus, and no one helped me".

As the bus stopped the thief made his exit with her book bag. She wasn’t having none of that and went after him. What the thief didn’t know is that granny was packing heat and wasn’t afraid to use it. You see, Ramona has a concealed carry permit and a 9mm handgun.

"Somebody said he had a gun, and when he turned and faced me he went down, and when he went down I just pulled my nine out and started shooting him," Ramona isn’t sure if she made contact but I bet he will think twice before he robs another "helpless woman". The cops found her purse but no wallet.

She says after this experience she is done with the bus and plans to get a car. At least she won’t have to share space with a bunch of spineless men.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist