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Car thief reaches for gun, gets shot by owner (Indiana)

A Gary, Indiana man was shoveling snow from his driveway Thursday afternoon (January 24th) while letting his car run to warm up.

As the man began to walk into his house, his car did something amazing. It moved on it's own. Okay, it wasn't on it's own... 19-year-old Devell Gayden had hopped in and was trying to steal the car.

In one of those times when being a criminal and being smart don't coincide, the ground was icy - the owner was warming the car up and shoveling snow after all - so Gayden was unable to make a speedy getaway. Instead, the owner walked alongside the car while ordering the teenage robber to stop the car.

When the owner saw Gayden suddenly reach into his coat, he thought the criminal was, well, being a criminal and reaching for a weapon. The owner fired, striking Gayden in the back.

Gayden then put the car in reverse and backed into a chain link fence where the car stopped, police arrived, and he was arrested before being taken to the hospital for medical treatment.