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Homeowner fights back, two of five intruders shot (Ohio)

Monday afternoon (January 28th) Fairborn, Ohio police responded to a home invasion and shots fired.

Just two people were home when the attack happened. Five people forced their way into the house in what police say was an attempt to rob or assault the residents. One of the residents was wounded during the attack but the other resident decided to fight back.

Grabbing a gun, that resident opened fire on the intruders, wounding two of them. When police arrived they found one intruder still inside the home with life-threatening injuries and another on the street outside.

The other three home invaders were rounded up and arrested as well.

As we often hear said, the first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. Even in a 5 vs 2 scenario, the gun is the great equalizer.

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Posted By: Jason
02/01/13 05:38 PM

And a more in depth report from local media: