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Homeowner charged in home defense shooting (Ohio)

Not all home invasion shooting justified A man who shot an intruder at his East Side home was charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor said the state’s “castle doctrine” didn’t apply when Donald E. Griffin killed Quenton Savage after Savage invaded his home through a second-floor window on Oct. 17.

Quoted for the article: “Prosecutors said Griffin, 20, armed himself with a handgun after hearing noises coming from the second floor of the house he shared with his mother and sister. However, prosecutors contend, Savage, 29, was shot and killed after he had left the home and was no longer a threat”

Griffin made no comments after the shooting but his mother did and she is quoted saying: “What’s going on in the world today? People are getting killed; people are getting shot and robbed. And you can’t defend yourself?” Preston said. “He (Savage) had no business being at this address.”

But the prosecutors are saying different: “First, the fellow (Savage) was unarmed, and second, he was outside the home, after the entry had occurred,” O’Brien said. “The ‘castle doctrine’ didn’t apply because (Savage) wasn’t in the home.”

The mother is surprised that the prosecutors are charging her son. She claims that her son shot the man inside the house. Who’s to say the man would not come back or if he had a weapon.

It sounds like Quenton Savage got what was coming to him and for this prosecutor to even think about charging him is absurd

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