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Man Fires Gun To Scare Knife-Wielder Threatening Woman (Washington)

A 61 year young (intended) Arlington man saw another man, armed with a knife, chasing a woman down the street. The 61 year young man saw the woman needed help and got involved. He fired a single warning shot into the air and ordered the knife wielding man to stop.

Officer Aaron Snell said the man with the knife stopped chasing the woman and was detained by several other bystanders until police came. (They got the officer’s name but no one else, great Journalism).

The officer taking the report said the knife-wielding man and the woman had been involved in a domestic dispute

The story don’t say much bet we can assume that the older man must have had a CCW permit because they said that no charges are expected to be pursued against him.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist