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She heard pounding on the door and saw a flashlight outside (Indiana)

Brandon Barnett and a friend went on a little crime spree back on January 15th in Jeffersonville, Indiana. This included breaking into cars, stealing lawn equipment, stealing tools and assorted other crimes.

Around 4:30 in the morning, they chose the wrong house.

Mike Dreyer received a phone call from his ex-wife around that time. See, Mike's ex-wife was spending a few days staying in the shed area behind Mike's house - so a 4:30 a.m. call was not a good sign.

Barnett and his friend never thought there would be someone with a phone inside the storage shed. "She started hearing pounding on her door and a flashlight being run up and down the door crack," Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull explained, "And somebody was obviously trying to force entry through that door."

Mike ran outside, fired a single warning round into the air and then took aim at Barnett who quickly hit the deck.

Barnett's accomplice ran towards the fence, jumped it, and then shined a bright flashlight on Mike. The accomplice told Mike he would shoot unless Mike took the gun off Barnett.

"I was thinking that the one guy was going to come back over the fence that was threatening to shoot so, that's when I ducked back into the door and I got down on one knee," Dreyer explained. He says he then backed into his doorway, "The gun was still sticking out and I'm just sitting there, steadily holding him."

Police were called, Barnett was arrested, and the accomplice fled the scene. Another story of someone defending himself, his family (ex), and his property.

I'd call that a far better outcome than two criminals breaking into a shed with an unarmed woman inside, wouldn't you?

Posts: News / She heard pounding on the door and saw a flashlight outside (Indiana)

Posted By: barstoolguru
02/04/13 04:54 PM

Waiting for charges to be filed against the homeowner, it is illegal to fire a warning shot. He is lucky the guys didn't have a gun or he would have been a dead homeowner. Cops call that a "challengeā€ because when you give a warning you lost any advantage you had
Posted By: hallwill
02/04/13 04:58 PM

January in Indiana and his ex wife is sleeping in his shed? Is that even legal, let alone humane?

Posted By: barstoolguru
02/04/13 05:27 PM

"January in Indiana and his ex wife is sleeping in his shed? Is that even legal, let alone humane?"

O' yea it's legal, she is an Ex-wife.... check the bro-code book, there is no closed seasons on hating EX's
Posted By: Jason
02/04/13 10:32 PM

More importantly, his fiancee was the one who called 911.

I'm thinking that had something to do with her being in the shed. And, BSG is correct, Bro-Code section 18.245-A