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12 year old pulls gun on dad, stops assault on mom (Arizona)

Way back on January 13th, a 12-year-old Kingman, Arizona girl got tired of watching her mom get hit by her dad and went to the bed room and got a gun and pointed it at him. Gregory Daniel Correa was booked into the Mohave County jail on multiple felony counts including assault and domestic violence.

His wife said the were having a fight in the bedroom when Correa kicked her. The 12-year-old girl then grabbed a gun and yelled at him to stop allowing the woman to get away and call for help. Correa caught up to his daughter in the front yard where he covered her mouth trying to muffle her from yelling for help. He then punched the girl and took the gun from her.

Police arrived, retrieved the gun from Correa and took him into custody.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist