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Father shoots, kills man assaulting his daughter (North Carolina)

At 10:38 on January 19th, Thomasville, North Carolina police responded to a call of a man having been shot. When officers arrived they found 38-year-old David Rayvon Braswell dead on the scene.

As the investigation unfolded the story that came out was that Braswell was physically assaulting his girlfriend. Of course, you don't normally do that when the girls father is arround.

56-year-old Clifton Gregory Dennis heard his daughter being assaulted, grabbed a .22 rifle, and ended the attack to his little girl. Both Thomasville polie detectives and the Davidson County District Attorney's Office have concluded that the actions taken by Dennis were justified as self-defense in the defense of others.

However, Dennis is a former felon and was arrested on charges of a being a felon in possession of a firearm. "Dennis did not come into the firearm that night," Detective Steve Currie said, "He had had that firearm for a significant amount of time. He knew better."

I'm betting he's fine with that charge in exchange for getting rid of a scumbag that was beating daddy's little girl.

According to the N.C. Department of Public Safety website, Dennis’ felony status dates back to 1987 when he was charged with hiring with intent to defraud and receiving stolen goods.