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86-year-old uses gun to engage female intruder (Tennessee)

86-year-old Louise Howard has been the victim of theft several times. She's discussed the problem with neighbors before. "I told different people if I ever catch them, I mean to kill them," Louise said.

On Friday afternoon (February 1st), Louise was shocked to see a tall, young woman - now identified by police as Molena Dowell - break the glass on her front door and enter the home.

Louise immediately grabbed her gun, and she and Dowell started struggling. "I already had my gun in my hand, and I wouldn't turn it loose for anything," she explained. Louise's hands are proof she wasn't giving up easily.

"She stuck a fingernail in there," said Louise. "She moved her hands, sort of released me a bit. I moved over like that, and I was going to shoot her in the stomach, but she took her knee and hit my elbow."

That bullet ended up in the wall, where it remains today.

"All indications [were] the intruder, the female, had a wrench. It was what she used to break the window of the door so she could've defended herself," Sheriff Ronnie Lawson explained while clarifying that Louise's actions were justified.

"I was more scared for my cat than I was for me, because I guess I'd give my life to that cat, I love him so," said Louise.