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It's Been a Bad Week for Robbers in Detroit: CCWs fight back (Michigan)

Growing trend: Detroit armed citizens fighting back (Michigan)
Is it a growing trend or are people tired of being victims. Since the laws for the state of Michigan have been changed and allow CCW the state and city of Detroit has seen an increase of civilians fighting back.

Twice this week civilians have fought back and won; first the couch protecting this students and now two utility workers. When approached by two teens with guns bent on robbing the workers, one with a CCW permit brew his and open fired shooting both of them- one crucially and the other seriously

As for the couch he shot 16-year-old Michael Scott and killed him in the botched robbery attempt. His 15-year-old partner was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Though the high school coach was initially taken into custody, a police source says the shooting appears to be a justified, self-defense homicide.

If this is the case then why was he taken into custody and why are charges still pending? It wasn’t his fault he was robbed, so why leave a man hanging?

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