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Maryland Gun Owners Rally To 'Drown Out' Gov.'s Assault Weapons Ban

The people are fed up with politicians trying to take away our rights so much they organized a rally to grown out Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley last Wednesday in a public meeting on gun control.

The hearings where open to the public and while there were a few people willing to hold the peace the large majority where and I quote “unapologetically and enthusiastically pro gun”

In a blog posting on the gov’s home page he blames the NRA for the ruckus according to the staffer Zoe Pagonis. “The NRA drowned out Marylanders at the hearing”; I bet 700 mad people will have that affect.

The question here is does the anti-government get the picture or are they just writing this off as a small victory for the other side. The majority of gun owners are all for the better laws that protect people but putting taxes on firearms and forcing registration will not stop illegal shootings some are saying.

In a letter he sent to all registered gun owners this week he claims that he will not step on their rights as hunters and sportsman but will ban all sales of ammo to anyone under 21 with the exception of ammo used for hunting. How did he get the names of these people? There is only one way and that is to tap into a data base of names and that should infuriate people by it-self.

The letter goes on to say he is not trying to infringe on the rights of “sportsman” but makes no mention of infringing on the constitutional rights of the “individual”

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