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businessman kills 16-year-old in attempted robbery ( N.C.)

4 people walk in three run out as one of them gets shot with the rifle they brought with them when the owner of an Aberdeen furniture store fights back. Right at closing time 4 youths walked in and demand cash armed with a rifle and brass knuckles.after beating the owner with the brass knuckles the demanded cash but instead of giving them cash the owner grabs the gun and in the struggle kills 16 year old boy that was part of the crew.

Two more where arrested – Amie Lynette Ross and Lewis Vega – in the case Monday afternoon and were still looking for a fourth person.

The mother tells the reporter; "Those three people who were with him – they coerced him somehow," and “They threatened my son and my daughter. I know he thought he was protecting them, protecting his family." And “now who’s gonna mow the friggin lawn, my lazy old man is worthless”

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / businessman kills 16-year-old in attempted robbery ( N.C.)

Posted By: holymoleygone
02/12/13 05:26 PM

Oh no, my little Johnny was the perfect little child. He would never do anything wrong. It was somebody else that made him do it. Its not my fault, I raised a perfect child. I'm calling my lawyer.