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Suspects used texts, 2-way radios in fatal botched robbery (texas)

The home invasions are getting more sophisticated these days as the BG’s are using texting and two way radios to plot the heist. One man was killed when 4 men planned a home invasion and it didn’t go as They expected.

Ashley Arce-Bitela, 24, and Memorie Denise Spangler, 26, have been arrested by Amarillo police and charged with murder of the death of Leonard Torres, 26, who was killed during an attempted.

A female resident had reported to police that she and her boyfriend found two unknown, armed suspects inside when a fight broke out. The BF that lives there suffered a gunshot wound but is expected to live.

Arce-Bitela told the investigator that Memorie Spangler and Torres had two-way radios to communicate during the robbery. (That didn’t work out well) When authorities questioned the female, Spangler initially denied having a radio but later told investigators she never used it during the robbery, A second radio was found on Torres’ body inside the house.

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Posts: News / Suspects used texts, 2-way radios in fatal botched robbery (texas)

Posted By: holymoleygone
02/14/13 08:04 PM

The last words heard on the radio from the suspect, "Beam me up Scotty, I'm in a heap of trouble".