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Pistol packing granny holds two punks for the cops at gun point (TN)

“Just ‘cause I’m as old as the first load of dirt that came in, I’m not afraid to use it,” Armstreet yelled as she pointed a .22-caliber at the unsuspecting young men.
She says she likes her crime shows but when it was happening to het she didn’t hesitate to get her gun and point it at the two would be robbers.

About 9:30 Sunday night she got a tip from a neighbor that there was a strange car parked beside her house. That was all she needed to hear and grabbed a gun and did a walk around the side of her building but found nothing. But upon further investigation she found a car that didn’t belong there.

She said she could hear two people and yelled “‘ get back. You are looking at the business end of a gun,’” One of the suspects tried to open the car door and said he “just wanted to get something,” Armstreet told reporters. She ordered the two young men to place their hands on the car’s hood and told them police were on the way.

Police later said that “inside the car was a loaded 9mm handgun, a loaded BB gun that looks exactly like a 9mm semi-automatic handgun,” and several pieces of clothing “typically used to conceal identity.”

As she held the two she said they got a little antsy and tested her and she tested back by firing a shot off into the air showing them her gun was loaded and she wasn’t afraid to use it after all She had honed her skills starting at age 4 or 5 shooting rabbits and squirrels in the backwoods of Texas. (Texas tough)

A female deputy described Armstreet as an “old granny lady” and asked her what she would have done if the men rushed her. “I said, ‘Well girl, you’d be picking up two bodies instead of calling the wrecker to get their car towed off,” (outstanding answer)

And the quote of the day comes from Armstreet: “No matter what we do in gun control, if you as a criminal want a gun, you are going to get it,” Armstreet said. “As horrible as the school shootings are, I don’t believe that more gun control would have stopped any one of them.”

Now that all the action is over with, can you bake us some cookies please?

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