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Declare your love in Vegas by shooting a zombie in the face

In the mood for love; take your woman to the range in Vegas. When the rest of the country is trying to limit gun, Las Vegas is using the less restricted gun laws to invite ya all to come out have "a real shot gun wedding".

quoted from the article:
"We give what people are asking for, whether it's the 'mob experience' and they want to test a Tommy gun, or a bachelor package, and they want a limo to take them to the club afterward," said Lianne Heck, marketing director at Range 702, which opened in October.

Machine Gun Las Vegas, which opened last winter, hires former go-go dancers as hostesses and sells its "femme fatale" package with the slogan, "There's nothing like the scent of Cordite in a woman's hair." (Cordite is an alternative to gunpowder).

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old enough to know better but too young to resist