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Armed 87-year-old saves woman (MN)

A woman doing laundry was when a neighbor came over and took off his shirt and started making unwanted advancement towards her and then pushed her down. The woman in fear for her life grabbed her daughter and ran to the next door neighbor’s house; an 87 year old retired police officer. The attacker was IDed as Larrell Stell, 49, was already on probation and has an ankle monitor on from a previous assault

The landlord told detectives he tried to break up the fight, but eventually grabbed his handgun and shot Stell in the mid-section. At that point, the landlord said Stell came after him, so he shot the man again.

He must have been on drugs because after being shot he paced the yard for an hour before taking himself to the hospital

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Posts: News / Armed 87-year-old saves woman (MN)

Posted By: holymoleygone
02/18/13 05:35 PM

I guess the retired deputy forgot the old rule of double tap, two in center mass and two in the head. Now they have to contend with a psycho neighbor that will probably seek revenge after he gets out of jail. I would recommend target practice and a large caliber weapon. I have a S&W 329 .44 magnum that would qualify.
You shoot reduced loads to practice and load with Hornady Critical Defense loads for home. I like the Buffalo Bore ammo. I don't know if anyone has checked on Buffalo Bore ammo for small semi-auto's or .38 Spl. but there are some very impressive velocities made specifically for short barrel firearms.
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/18/13 08:46 PM

I bet at 87 is more like a 22