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Homeowner Holds Fugitive at Gunpoint Until the Cops Arrive ( Florida)

“ Hey man, I will give you a lot of money if you just let me stay here until the cops are gone” but the homeowner had other plans, he grabbed a gun and held the 22 year old Quintonio White until the cops showed up and arrested him.

White, who was in a stolen car parked in a driveway seen an undercover officer looking for him and in an attempt to get away he rammed the officers car but in the process damaged his stolen getaway car. Damaged and uncontrollable he crashed into another SUV and took off on foot.

After a brief run he broke into the house of Ulysses Fountain, the home owner. He then offered Mr. Fountain some money just to let him hide out for a bit but Mr. Fountain had other plans, he retrieved a gun and a fight or the firearm spilled out into the front yard. Mr. Fountain. With a warning shot the fight was over and White laid on the grass until the cops showed up

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old enough to know better but too young to resist