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Naked man terrorizes couple... Crazy is as crazy does (Florida)

Back on January 20th, 21-year-old Gregory Matthew Bruni broke into the Fort Myers, Florida home of Tony and Ladonna Land.

It started when Bruni, naked, climbed on to the roof of the Land's home and began making noise. When Tony went out to investigate, Bruni jumped off the roof and attacked him before running inside the home.

Once inside Bruni rupped a 72-inch television off the wall, destroying it and proceeded to pound on the ceiling and walls while running throughout the living room. Then he took a moment to masturbate in the living room.

Tony told Ladonna to get the gun and she did - firing three shots from the .38 revolver and missing. Tony then told Ladonna to call 911 and went to grab his shotgun.

Somehow during all the craziness, Bruni defecated in the house twice, drank the contents of a vacuum cleaner and spit them back out and... ran into the Land's son's bedroom and rubbed clothing all over his face.

When Tony returned with the shotgun he managed to get Bruni to lay down with the command (heard on the 911 tape) of "Lay down, mother f---er, lay down!".

Police arrived and restrained Bruni (not before finding one of the defecations the hard way).

Yup. Had to be Florida.