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when you're baking always check the oven for ammo

She went to make herself a snack and turned on the oven but made the fatal mistake of not checking it for a gun. Her roommate Javarski 'JJ' Sandy, 25, had stashed his pistol magazine with four live rounds in the oven.

When Aalaya Walker, 18, preheated the oven she didn’t look to see if anything was in there and the ammo exploded hitting her in the chest and leg. The injuries where described as minor and she picked the fragments out on the bus ride to the hospital

No charges were filed and where does a man that puts ammo in an oven work; Wal-Mart of course

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / when you're baking always check the oven for ammo

Posted By: Michael
02/21/13 01:25 PM

now thats not the easy bake way to bake.
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/21/13 01:35 PM

reminds me of a three stooges film short